Protection from spam

Blocks 99% of spam before email is delivered to your email server with virtually no false positives.

Email Scan removes spam and email viruses in the cloud which reduces the impact on internal infrastructure capacity and bandwidth.

Protection from email-borne viruses

Industry-leading anti-virus engines from ClamAV and Kaspersky Lab ensure complete protection from viruses and other email-borne threats.

Protect against black listing

Email Spam scans outgoing email in addition to scanning incoming email. This prevents your organisations email infrastructure from sending spam email resulting from viruses or unauthorised email activity. This reduces the chance of outgoing email IP addresses being black listed by recipient email systems and email service providers.

Easy management

Allowing end users to retrieve quarantined email reduces the burden on IT support staff. Automated reports provide complete assurance that the system is running.

Email Continuity

Email Scan splits the scanning of incoming email between two geographically separate servers. Both servers are hosted in resilient data centres with redundant Internet links and power supplies. This clustered solution provides high resilience which means your organisations email is received regardless of the status of your organisation’s Internet connection.

Email Scan is maintenance free allowing internal IT staff to concentrate on business critical functions.

Fixed cost email security

Email Scan infrastructure is fully hosted and maintained to save your organisation time and money. All Email Scan subscriptions include free technical support from our team of email filtering specialists. There is no dedicated hardware or software required which guarantees a low total cost of protection.


Email Scan can be scaled to grow with your business requirements.


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