Email Scan Administration

Secure Web Based GUI

No client based management software is required. All Email Scan features can be accessed using an intuitive  web based GUI. Access can be restricted to certain individuals and locations.

End User Spam Management

Email Scan allows end users to manage their spam on a daily basis providing full visibility of all email blocked by Email Scan. End users have the ability to release any required email using easy to use links sent to their email box. Both administrators and end users have search and retrieve functionality within email quarantine management.

Full Reporting Suite

Email Scan allows live reporting on all email being processed with a useful search facility. Automated graphical reports also exist to reveal top spam recipients, top email recipients and more. Reports can be generated and delivered to administrators as scheduled tasks.

Fully Automated Updates, Backups and Reporting

Anti virus, anti spam  and software updates are all automated. Email Scan configuration and Bayesian backups are also inclusive in the Email Scan maintenance program.

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