Email Scan Security

Double Anti Virus Protection

Email Scan provides double protection against viruses by scanning all incoming and outgoing email using ClamAV and Kaspersky Labs. The anti virus engine automatically updates to guarantee the best level of protection at all times.

Multi Layered Spam Analyses

Spam separated from genuine email using Sender Policy Framework, Recipient verification, SURBLs, RBLs, Bayesian analyses, keyword, header and body text analyses, customised scoring algorithms as well as many other customised rules. The combined scores from each layer of spam detection combine to determine if an email is spam or not.

Content Filtering

Email Scan can block unwanted attachments including file types, mime types and renamed files. This allows quick and easy blocking of email content in line with an organisations email policy.

Recipient Verification

LDAP, Dynamic and aliases file recipient verification.

Whitelists and Blacklists

Allow or block by email address or domain.

Outbound Disclaimers

Email Scan can attach your company’s outbound disclaimer. The disclaimer text is entirely customisable.

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