What is Email Scan?

Email Scan is a hosted email filtering service for business which scans incoming and outgoing email for threats including spam and viruses. There are 2 geographically separate spam filters which share the load to provide maximum performance.

Which email platforms are supported?

Email Scan processes incoming and outgoing email in the cloud, cleaning any spam or viruses before delivering genuine email to your organisation or the intended recipient. Email Scan is compatible with all email platforms including Microsoft Exchange , GroupWise and many more.

How does Email Scan integrate with my existing email system?

Email Scan has the facility to filter both incoming and outgoing email.

For incoming email the Email Scan MX records replace your current MX records. This means email delivered to your domain(s) will be delivered to Email Scan for filtering. After your email is filtered of all threats it is then forwarded to your email server.

For outgoing email the Email Scan system serves as an email reply. Email is sent from your email server to Email Scan where the email is checked for spam and viruses. If necessary an email disclaimer can be applied to the outgoing email.

Is there a limit on the quantity of email filtered?

We understand some organisations rely heavily on email. Small numbers of large emails might be as critical as vast numbers of tiny emails. Email Scan does not limit email quantity or email size but does operate a fair usage policy in order to guarantee good system performance for all Email Scan customers.

I receive email to several domains; can I filter them all?

Yes. We have set out a range of email filtering options and packages based on existing client requirements. It is possible to filter between 2 and 10 domains, as standard, depending on the package you choose. For a custom quotation (for example to filter email for 20 domains but only 100 mailboxes) please contact us.

How long does it take to set up Email Scan?

Email Scan can be configured with your domain details within a few hours of your order being accepted. Once your domain MX records have been updated as required Email Scan will start to filter your incoming email. Depending on the type of recipient verification you would like to add there may be a small amount of further work required. See below “how does Email Scan verify recipients within my organisation” for further details.

How does Email Scan verify recipients within my organisation?

For additional security Email Scan can verify the validity of email recipients for incoming email.

An LDAP lookup can be used to discover if a user is valid. This method necessitates an LDAP connection on port 389 from each of the two Email Scan sites.

Dynamic verification is achieved by sending an “address probe” to the organisations email server. If the “to” address is a valid address on the email server the email is delivered by Email Scan.

File recipient verification is where a complete list of valid recipients is set up in Email Scan. If the incoming email is addressed to an email address on the list the email is processed and delivered.

How do I administer the Email Scan filter?

 Email Scan can be administered via a secure web interface. Email Scan technical support is inclusive in every Email Scan subscription.

Does Email Scan notify me if en email gets filtered?

Quarantine report emails can be generated and delivered to end users. End users have the option to Deliver, Whitelist or Delete quarantined email by simply clicking on the appropriate link in the quarantine report email.

End users and administrators can also log in to Email Scan at any time to search for and retrieve filtered email. However, the false positive rate of email filtering is 0.03% so Email Scan rarely filters any genuine email.

Can reports be generated to display our email filtering stats?

Email Scan has a full reporting suite including automated graphical reports including top spam recipients, top email recipients and more. A “live report” is also available which provides details of all email as it passes through the system.


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